See what participants say about the program



 Match Exhibitors

           Al Macdonald, KC Gifts/Kootenay Collections, Ltd. 
"Nice program would do it again"

           Kim Ryon, Squishable
           "It was a good way to meet some buyers who may not have come to my booth."
           Tom Rechlin, RexTooth Studios
           "This is a winning formula for anybody wishing to grow their business."
           Brian Segars, Knob Creek Metal Arts
           "The networking experience was great with Match. Perfect blend of different industries."
           John Callahan, MCMBrands 
           "It made our show. Had it not have been for this, we may have only seen a handful of other buyers"

Match Buyers

Elie Johnson, Lowry Park Zoo 
 "This was an incredible experience. Through the match program I was able to meet vendors I may not have otherwise. I gained some new vendors and got new ideas for my location. Highly recommend match to other buyers"
           Kent Reed, Ozarkland
            "Well organized. Love stepping out of the box!"
          Rachel Whitfield, Jamestown Yorktown Foundation 
           "Thank you for providing a program like this that allows buyers to attend the show in exchange for a reasonable amount of quick meetings!"
          Lisa Walton, Indian Tepee Gift Show 
           "Loved meeting new vendors that I wouldn’t have met otherwise."
          Roz Tymans, Jamaican Me Crazy 
           "Excellent program to meet new vendors."


How The Program Works

Based on the package you select, you'll receive a set number of matched meetings in your booth during the show. The program format is carefully curated to focus on accelerating your sales cycle by connecting you with pre-qualified business meeting set up by our team.


Questions? Contact: 
Christina Bell (Show Director) E: cbell@urban-expo.com | P: 800-318-2238 ext. 0335
Joseph Lee (Sales Manager)  E: jlee@urban-expo.com | P: 800-318-2238 ext. 4576

Who Attends

Our buyer delegates are reserved for leading Souvenir & Resort buyers, concessionaires, zoos, aquariums and national park retailers with annual sales of over $1M who are actively sourcing souvenir & resort Product. Below is a sample of those who participated in the 2018 edition.

  • Inside Package
  • Polar Bear Gifts
  • Lowry Park Zoo
  • Faber
  • Our Native Land
  • Delaware North Shenandoah
  • Ozarkland
  • Schlitterbahn Winter Park - New Braunfels
  • Coastal Culture, Inc. 
  • Cabrillo Aquarium Gift Shop
  • Florida Gifts