November 9-12, 2022 | Gatlinburg Convention Center

Drover RideShare

Drover Rideshare

Drover aims to serve Middle Tennessee as the friendly, fun, and green platform for rideshare, food delivery, hospital rides, and more. Through partnerships with local businesses and drivers, Drover is able to offer a wide range of services and experiences. Drover ride fares directly benefit local charities -- 24/7, no catch, no exceptions. Drover wants to have their eyes open and their arms outstretched towards the communities that support their operations. Rather than have Drovers simply move through city streets, Drover wants to actively contribute to the incredible humanitarian efforts already in place in the cities they serve. Everyday, thousands of people serve their community via their positions and volunteering in local and state-based non-profits. At Drover, they want to do their part to recognize and help further efforts through the donation of 2% of each and every fare a Drover ride generates.